About Us

"Do you go on roofs?"

  I try to get onto every roof unless it is snow covered, or unsafe to do  so.  A lot can be seen on a roof that can not be seen from a ladder or  through binoculars while standing on the street.  

"I've never been in an attic and wouldn't know what to look for. Is going into an attic something you'd do?"

  There are some attics that can be seen clearly from the hatch. Others  that are large or have odd shapes are not so easily seen from that  location.  I think it's important to see as much of the attic as you can  which includes looking for signs of animal activity; mold; structural  issues; insulation and ventilation issues, and of course the roof.  No  roof inspection is complete without looking at the underside. 

"I can't believe you had this home inspected and they didn't find this?"

 A  common criticism and one seen and heard on television shows as well.   It's sometimes difficult for home owners to remember the circumstances  in the house at the time of the inspection.  Was it snowing?  Was there  storage everywhere in the basement?  The furnace couldn't be turned on  because the A/C was operating?
Problems often become apparent when carpets are removed, when fixtures  or cabinets are pulled out.  Many issues appear once work begins on a  home.  A home inspection is a visual examination.  We don't perform any  invasive or destructive tests.